ExtJs 5 & 'strict mode'

There are some good discussions on why one should or should not use the strict mode when coding in JS. I am not going to elaborate on that but rather focus on what to do to write an ExtJs class / app in strict mode.

Before going further, a bit of reading on the strict mode:

ExtJs implements its own class system and basically does not support strict mode (here, here). This is the case with ExtJs 5 too so far. But luckily it will not stop us from creating an ExtJs class with strict mode enabled.

So let's have a look at an ExtJs class with strict mode enabled class wide:

    //Make sure strict mode is on
    'use strict';

    Ext.define('MyApp.Class1', {

        daNumber: null,

        constructor: function(config){
            //do some work
            this.daNumber = 666;

        gimmeDaNumber: function(){
            return this.daNumber;

So far so good, the class behaves as expected, so let's extend it:



Just a couple of videos featuring our new geoCMS platform released a couple of months ago. This is a web GIS based application designed to easily create, manage and publish spatial data.

Currently there are three modules available: geooportal, geoCMS and a mobile application. The first two work together as a spatial data publishing tool. One can create and manage vector layers, layer groups and maps along with the tools that are available for each map. The standard WMS or XYZ raster data sources can also be easily consumed by the geoportal.

The mobile application is used for outdoor data collection - it is also a map centric app that drastically improves the efficiency of the outdoor data collection and managment process.

All modules exchange data in real time. When there is no Internet access, the mobile device stores the data localy and then synchronises it with the database as needed.

A live example may be found here: http://cyklisci.maphive.co/. This is an application powered by our platform - this particular one focuses on hGIS, old maps and such.

Another example: http://cyklisci.maphive.co/. This one focusing on collecting data from geoportal users.

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ExtJs 4 - avoid adding duplicate records

This is quick tip on how to avoid adding duplicate records to data store in ExtJs 4.

In my example I have Ext.grid.Panel which dynamically creates store for itself in constructor method from provided list of fields:


Upload and save image in a database - ExtJs and ASP.NET

It's been a while since the last post appeared here so this one will be rather longish ;-)

Recently in one of our projects we had a requirement to allow users to upload their images to the database so they can later be viewed by other users of the application.

For the clientside we used the ExtJs framework while the serverside was ASP.NET and c#.

Basically the process can be divided into three parts: image upload on the clientside, image processing on the server side and also image retrieval from the database so it can be displayed again in a browser.